Everything you need to know about the Norton Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software company

November 2, 2022


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Norton is an American security software company founded in 2002 by Vinny Agrawal and Christopher Goetz. The company’s name is a blend of the two co-founders’ names. It has its headquarters in San Diego, California, United States. The company specializes in cybersecurity solutions for personal computers.

Their products are available in both free and paid versions. A single subscription also provides users with virus and spyware protection on Android mobile devices as well as Apple Mac desktop computers. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Norton Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software company.

From what their products can do for you to how much they cost, we will address all pertinent information about this brand.

What is Norton Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software?

Norton is a cybersecurity suite. It protects your devices from viruses and other malware. Norton comes in different subscription plans to suit your needs. The antivirus part of the Norton business is made up of several software products.

A consumer can select a particular plan depending on their requirement. The suite consists of a firewall, an anti-spyware, a password manager, and a secure browser. The firewall is the main component of the suite. It prevents hackers from accessing your devices.

A subscription is required to avail the full benefits of the Norton suite. The subscription is valid for 1 year and can be renewed as long a you wish to continue using Norton. There are also no-commitment options for people who aren’t sure if they will use the software for long.

How does Norton work?

The Norton suite works by sifting through your device’s data to detect threats. It then creates a custom signature to identify and block them. Norton offers 3 levels of data security.

These are; Enhanced, Full, and Premium. The Enhanced level gives you triple protection from viruses, spyware, and other threats. It works by scanning every file that you download or upload. The Full level is for those who want even more protection from threats. It scans all data including emails, social media posts, videos, photos, and websites.

The Premium level protects you against even the most sophisticated threats. It checks every application you download to ensure it isn’t harmful. It also creates an encrypted virtual private network to keep you safe online.

Types of subscription available from the Norton Antivirus Software Company

There are 3 plans available from Norton; Silver, Gold, and Premier.

Each plan offers you different benefits.

– Silver – This is Norton’s entry-level subscription. It protects your devices from threats with a full set of features. You get 24/7 support for your inquiries, along with 2 internet scans per year.

– Gold – This is for those who want even more protection. It offers enhanced protection from viruses, spyware, and other threats. You also get 5 internet scans per year. You also get priority support for inquiries and free upgrades for life.

– Premier – This is the top-tier subscription from Norton. It protects your devices from the most sophisticated threats. You also get free remote monitoring and diagnostic features. You also get 24/7 priority support.

What can a Norton subscription protect you from?

Norton can scan all your devices to find threats. It then creates a custom signature to identify and block them. It protects your devices through a 3-tier security system.

– Online threats – Norton can encrypt your devices to make them impenetrable to hackers. It also creates a virtual private network to keep you safe online.

– Identity theft – This is the most prevalent form of cybersecurity threat. Norton can protect you against it through remote monitoring and diagnostics.

– Firewall – This is the main security component of Norton. It prevents hackers from accessing your devices.

– Anti-Spyware – This is the next layer of protection from malware. It helps detect and block spyware on your devices.

– Password Manager – This consolidates all your passwords under one single password. This helps prevent identity theft through the use of passwords.

– Secure Browser – This is the Norton browser. It is used to protect your devices from threats.

– Virus and Malware Scanner – This is the Norton antivirus software. It scans all your devices to detect threats.

– Remote Support – This allows you to connect to your device from any location. It gives you remote access to your device.

– Identity Theft Protection – This covers your devices with a Norton shield. It prevents identity theft by using an encrypted virtual private network.

Why You Should Buy a Norton Bundle?

Norton is a well-known brand. They offer effective cybersecurity solutions. Their suite consists of several components. You get complete protection from malware and viruses. The suite also protects you from online threats like hackers, identity theft, and spam. You can also connect with Norton through remote support and other features.

Norton is offered as a subscription service. You pay per month or annually. You can also choose a no-commitment option when buying the Norton suite. Norton is a reliable brand. It has been in the market for more than a decade. They are also a trusted brand by consumers. Norton has a 75% positive rating on Trustpilot.


Norton is a cybersecurity suite. It protects your devices from malware and viruses. The suite consists of several software components. It also provides remote support through an IDT shield. It is a reliable brand that has been in the market for more than a decade.

Norton is offered as a subscription service. It is available as a monthly or annual subscription. You can also choose a no-commitment option when buying the Norton suite. This brand is recommended for those who want complete protection for their devices. It is durable and effective against all kinds of threats.

Backups: 5 Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

February 6, 2020

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Today, analysts estimate that a ransomware attack on businesses occurs every 14 seconds – costing organizations billions of dollars overall.

Given the increasing frequency and scale of ransomware attacks, this is not surprising. The first ransom payment – around 1989 – paved the way for hackers around the world to begin encrypting and locking the data of unsuspecting victims to keep it until the owners paid the price set to recover it.

That’s why it’s essential to keep these five considerations in mind when developing a strategy to anticipate, identify, and counter a ransomware attack on backups.

1 – The extension of the attack surface exposes backups to ransomware attacks.

It is first necessary to reduce the attack surface of the company and understand both the type of data hosted and its location To prevent successful ransomware attack attempts. A unified solution for the governance of infrastructure flows and backup sites protects organizations against malware by eliminating massive data fragmentation.

2 – Long backup and recovery cycles add to the hardship of ransom demand

The backup and recovery solution must be able to quickly respond to attacks and quickly locate and delete infected files wherever they are in the data management infrastructure – including public clouds. It must also have instant mass recovery capabilities so that hundreds of virtual machines can be restored instantly, at scale, and at any point in time in the past.

3 – Attacks on backups facilitated by intermittent monitoring

The organization must be able to detect an attack in real-time. That requires a solution that can monitor, automatically detect rates of change, and generate alerts based on continuous analysis of files and audit logs without the need for special attention.

The right backup solution will protect your business from cyberattacks in an automated manner every second, every day.

4 – Ransomware attacks make backups a liability

It is necessary to establish a multi-layered defense to prevent ransomware from attacking the backup environment. The primary backups must be kept in an immutable state (read-only) and must never be made accessible to prevent them from being mounted by an external system. Also, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and write once read many (WORM) for snapshot are vital functions.

5 – Entry points in public clouds for criminals

It is essential to have a backup and recovery solution that provides a single, centralized dashboard to stay ahead of ransomware. Being able to see quickly, manage, and act on backup data – whether it resides on-site or in public clouds – helps protect the business from ransomware attacks.

Antivirus, VPN, Password managers: what are the best tools to protect your privacy?

September 19, 2019

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Password theft, phishing, fake websites, hackers have long understood that a simple virus is no longer enough to damage user data. Many tools exist to protect your privacy better.

If there is something painful on the Internet, there must be an application or software to protect against it. Cybersecurity applications and services have increased in number. It is due to the emergence of new threats in recent years (malware, ransomware, online monitoring). Here is a list of the services, software, and applications that are essential to better protect your privacy in general and your data in particular.

An Internet browser that protects you from tracking

A fast navigator is good. A fast browser that protects you from ad trackers or social network tracking is even better. And from this point of view, Chrome is not the best student, especially when compared to its competitors. There is, of course, Firefox. This navigator offers in its options a “content block” that can be customized, but also even stricter browsers (Epic Privacy Browser or UR Browser, among others) that propose to block the maximum number of trackers.

On Firefox it is possible to choose the severity with which the browser blocks ad trackers.

An antivirus, to protect against malwares and ransomwares

On PCs in particular, but also mobile phones, an antivirus is the first of the barriers to be installed on your devices. With an antivirus, you can not only perform antivirus scans, but also anticipate malware or ransomware attacks. The software uses detection technology to identify suspicious behavior and immediately block the malicious process.

A good VPN to protect your connection

Before allowing to bypass the geoblocking of SVOD platforms, VPNs are mainly used to protect your Internet connection. Whether on unencrypted sites or when connecting to unsecured WiFi points, hackers can very easily steal user data using the man in the middle technique. To prevent a third party from seeing what you are doing on your device, the VPN will then encrypt all data that passes between you and the sites where you connect. There are currently dozens of reliable VPN providers.

A password manager to prevent them from being stolen

What can we do when we learn that our password is on the run because a site has forgotten to secure its database? Not much, except to change it and make it secure (and different from the old one). It is precisely what password managers are for: to remember them to retrieve them when connecting to a website or service automatically, but also to generate strong passwords and above all to protect them behind a single robust password (and the only one to remember), the master password.

How to Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal and Request Refund

March 15, 2019


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Norton Antivirus is a very popular Antivirus application for Windows PC. They come in free trials for limited days but ultimately make you purchase the premium version. This is very annoying structures of this application. Unlike other Antivirus software, this does not allow you to use the free version for a longer period. And if there is any updates in the software, you are forced to make the purchase. And finally, comes the Automatic renewal; this will automatically charge from your Debit or Credit card. So this has become very annoying, and thus here we have brought you the solution to Cancel Norton Antivirus.

After you have used the Norton Antivirus, you might feel secure from the hackers or virus or any unknown source trying to harm your PC. But another problem arises with the Norton Antivirus premium is that they quietly charge instantly soon the updates are automatically done on your PC. While even though these are sneaky but you are also getting 60 days of refund options. So whenever you have noticed that the Norton Antivirus have charged you, then you instantly Cancel Norton Antivirus and Claim for Refund.

How to Cancel Norton Antivirus?

No matter, when you buy the first plan on Noton Antivirus you must give you have to use your Debit or credit card. With the help of this card, you can easily make any purchase. But the problem arises when you are unaware of the Automatic Renewal schemes. The Norton will instantly deduct the updates charge immediately from your card balance. If you do not disable them, then you will face the same consequences again. Follow the tutorials to cancel the Norton Antivirus from your windows PC.

Steps To Cancel Norton Antivirus

  • First, you should Sign into your Norton Account
  • Now in the dashboard, you will find the Automatic Renewal heading
  • Simply move the slider to Turn Off.
  • Finally, confirm your choice to turn off the Automatic Renewals.

Notes: It is always better to prevent something which is going to be wrong in early future. So here with the help of above tutorials, you will able to cancel Norton Antivirus before you have been charged.

Steps For Getting Refund On Your Norton Cancellation

To get a refund, you get 60 days of duration. So if you are charged with the automatic renewal system, here with help of this steps below, you can easily get refunded on your credit or debit card. When you made the purchase using your Debit or credit card for the first time, and because of autorenewal, if your money has been taken away then you can get them back. But you must make sure, you claimed for a refund within the 60 days of durations.

As per Norton norms, the only process for getting the refund is using the Call Norton Support. The best time for calls and instant response are guaranteed on the following days like- Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Once you can get contact with the Norton support teams, you must have patience and wait for 3 minutes(approx.) to get a response. There is also a complaint text box, where you write and submit your information to get faster help.

To make the contact, you can call on Ph no- 1-855-815-2726. Or simply start a live chat with the support team.


Hope, you have successfully cancel the Norton Antivirus and claimed for your Refund. Soon you will get the response to get the refund immediately.

Norton Antivirus Review 2018 – Top Ten Review and Rating

March 15, 2019


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Norton Antivirus Review: Norton antivirus is a very popular antivirus that has been used by many people to protect their system. Some people claim that Norton Antivirus is an excellent antivirus but some of them are not satisfied with the service of this software.

Norton Antivirus Review – Best Security Provider 2018:

However, this post will share you all the required information that you need to know about. Norton Antivirus Review So, let’s check out the whole performance of this antivirus.

Norton Antivirus 2018 – Spyware Protection:

Norton setup Antivirus offers an average performance on virus and Spyware protection. For the real-time protection test, I tried to download some malware samples like viruses, adware, Trojans, rogue ware, etc. to verify this software against these harmful viruses.

I found that only 60% of the threats were blocked while installing them. The other malware’s were just shown as a warning but could still install them with ease. This could be very dangerous for the online businessmen because they need to serve the internet almost every time. On the other hand, harmful viruses will easily get into your system. Overall, we can say that Norton Antivirus cannot remove the harmful malware when it comes to real-time protection.

Firewall Protection

Firewall protection is the most important feature that you need in your antivirus to protect against hackers. If you don’t have any firewall protection, then the hackers may hack all your identity and spoil your business. The firewall protection helps to prevent from getting malware onto your system. So, in my firewall test, I got the average results from Norton Security Antivirus.

During the first test, Norton failed to block more than 50% of my attempts to bypass it. In my second test, it left susceptible ports open.

User Interface

One of the most important features that Norton offers is its user-friendly interface. It is very simple and straightforward to use. The important sections that you might need to know are labeled with colorful modern buttons and icons. There are also many levers and switches to control which can be done only by advanced users.

Come to the installation part, the installation process is very simple and easy. You just need to install the software and enter its product key. The price of the software will depend upon the number of users.

Technical Support

There is a vast improvement in Norton’s technical support this year. If you face any problem with the software, then you can ask them questions via chatting or phone. Also, they have gone the way of ESET and VIPRE in which they are offering free help to remove viruses, if your system if infected while using their software. One of the most interesting parts of this software is that they are also backing it up with a money back guarantee.

Resource Usage

Regarding resource usage, Norton offers average performance within an acceptable range. While on boot time, Norton offers almost similar performance with its competitors. While doing a full system scan, Norton security installed drained about 15% of system resources. It is not bad at all but the last year’s version was far better.

Online and Local Backup

You can also make a default destination of your backup files in Norton’s secure online storage. The default backup automatically occurs when your system is idle. But, if you want, you can also launch manually for the first backup of the day.

If you want, you can set up a schedule for backups to run on daily, weekly or monthly schedule. You can set backup files from your local hard drives, external drives, network drives and also some cloud storage services.


Well, the Norton Antivirus can make about 25GB online backup. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS (as seen and reviewed here www.nettoyersonmac.fr/meilleurs-antivirus-mac/, iOS and Android devices. You can also keep a secure password to prevent your system hacking and malware.

After this comprehensive review, we can come to a conclusion that, Norton continues to evolve every year and they are keeping their pace every year. Norton Antivirus is very easy to use and install. In overall performance, Norton offers an average protection against firewall and malware.

“I hope you will get great help by reading this post and if you like to ask anything, you can leave your comment below”.

Norton Antivirus | How to Download & Setup For Windows 7 8.1 10 & Mac

March 15, 2019


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Norton Antivirus does well in finding all types of viruses and malware. It even provides the full system scan or specific folder scan of the system. Not even a single known virus can be get away from Norton. It detects the latest and newest malware/viruses and fixes them immediately. It protects the system from visiting the websites which are suspicious and restricts the system from downloading them. It works and performs well in usability and protection and none of the antivirus software beat the Norton in that.

The Norton includes a promise of protection that only the Norton can make. The company is so confident in their ability to keep the user secure, they also offer the Virus Protection Promise: From the moment the user subscribes, a Norton expertly is available to help and keep the devices virus-free or give them a refund*. The user won’t find a better offer than this from any of the free or paid company antiviruses for their windows 10.

Norton Antivirus Download For Windows 7 8.1 10 and Mac:

Norton 360 Security software provides the sophisticated benefits that all the computer users, from the novice to the person who is experienced, need to function with the safely, securely, and in an effective way. Those users who buy the Norton Security online can immediately download and install the software, which allows the users to monitor and remove the damaging viruses and malware very easily and quickly. Norton Setup online security tools ensure that that user who deals with the sensitive data can do so without any fear of loss or corrupt of the sensitive information. The software also keeps the user files, data, and applications to run smoothly and also keep the hard drive clean when the user download the Norton Total Security for their windows 10.

Among many types of available antivirus software available, Norton is one of the great and best for Windows 10 Laptop or PC with each of 32/64 bit for free. It warns the user when they are about to download any suspicious file or software and protects the system from not being affected by any malware. It has the best firewall which saves the system from any kind of threat.

Norton Antivirus for windows can operate with the maximum device of 5 at once. The user can simply create an online account and can add devices to which the user want to add the protection. They can even move the protection from one device to another device and it is very easy to use and handle. Norton Antivirus supports almost all the platform devices and fixes the problem when and where required. If the device with the Norton antivirus installed is stolen, it can be tracked and get back to the user.

Key Features of Norton Antivirus for Windows OS:

Norton allows the user to delete or lock the screen of the device when it was so that the important and the most valuable data is safe from being stolen. This is one of the best and amazing features that the Norton Antivirus have. It is very easy to use and does not need any guide of the user to scan the full system or specific folder, fixing the issue on just one click.

  • Norton Antivirus software can support the maximum devices of up to 5 at one time.
  • The protection can be moved from one device to another device by just simply using the online account.
  • It is very easy to add the devices to the list of protected devices.
  • The software can perform the scan of the full system easily.
  • Restricts the user from visiting the malicious website and downloading the file which is suspicious.
  • Norton installed device can be tracked if stolen by chance and can delete all the valuable data or can also lock the screen.
  • Norton Antivirus Software allows the user to schedule the time for a scan so that system scan will be automatic on the required time.

How to Download and Install Norton Antivirus on your Computer:

  • First Sign In to Norton.com.
  • In the event that you are not marked into Norton as of now, you will be invited to sign in. Sort of your email address and secret key for Norton, and click Sign In.
  • In the event that you don’t have an account, click Create account, and after that complete the join procedure.
  • In the Setup window, click Download Norton.
  • On the off chance that you have an item key you have not yet enlisted to your record, click Enter another item key to proceed. Sort the item key and click >.
  • Click Agree and Download.
  • Do one of the accompanying relying on your browser:
  • For Explorer or Microsoft Edge: Click Run.
  • For Firefox or Safari: On the upper right corner of the program, tap the Download alternative to see the downloaded records, and double tap the document that you downloaded.
  • For Chrome: On the base left corner, double tap the record that you downloaded.
  • In the event that the User Account Control window shows up, click Continue.
  • Follow the on-screen directions.
  • Your Norton Antivirus product is successfully installed and activated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Can I not start my Norton antivirus after the up gradation of Windows 10?

If you cannot start your Norton Antivirus after the upgrade to Windows 10, then you may need to uninstall and reinstall the software.

  • Is Norton Identity Safe compatible with the browser of Microsoft Edge?

No. Norton Identity Safe or any of the Norton Toolbar will not work on the new browser of the Microsoft.

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