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Antivirus, VPN, Password managers: what are the best tools to protect your privacy?

September 19, 2019

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Password theft, phishing, fake websites, hackers have long understood that a simple virus is no longer enough to damage user data. Many tools exist to protect your privacy better.

If there is something painful on the Internet, there must be an application or software to protect against it. Cybersecurity applications and services have increased in number. It is due to the emergence of new threats in recent years (malware, ransomware, online monitoring). Here is a list of the services, software, and applications that are essential to better protect your privacy in general and your data in particular.

An Internet browser that protects you from tracking

A fast navigator is good. A fast browser that protects you from ad trackers or social network tracking is even better. And from this point of view, Chrome is not the best student, especially when compared to its competitors. There is, of course, Firefox. This navigator offers in its options a “content block” that can be customized, but also even stricter browsers (Epic Privacy Browser or UR Browser, among others) that propose to block the maximum number of trackers.

On Firefox it is possible to choose the severity with which the browser blocks ad trackers.

An antivirus, to protect against malwares and ransomwares

On PCs in particular, but also mobile phones, an antivirus is the first of the barriers to be installed on your devices. With an antivirus, you can not only perform antivirus scans, but also anticipate malware or ransomware attacks. The software uses detection technology to identify suspicious behavior and immediately block the malicious process.

A good VPN to protect your connection

Before allowing to bypass the geoblocking of SVOD platforms, VPNs are mainly used to protect your Internet connection. Whether on unencrypted sites or when connecting to unsecured WiFi points, hackers can very easily steal user data using the man in the middle technique. To prevent a third party from seeing what you are doing on your device, the VPN will then encrypt all data that passes between you and the sites where you connect. There are currently dozens of reliable VPN providers.

A password manager to prevent them from being stolen

What can we do when we learn that our password is on the run because a site has forgotten to secure its database? Not much, except to change it and make it secure (and different from the old one). It is precisely what password managers are for: to remember them to retrieve them when connecting to a website or service automatically, but also to generate strong passwords and above all to protect them behind a single robust password (and the only one to remember), the master password.